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May 2016

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Deutsche Bahn Fail

Oh dear God I am so looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Not so much because I can sleep in and dont't have to go to work - Even though I admit that these are also cool ^^
But what I'll enjoy the most will be not having to witness the German Bahn's continued EPIC FAIL when it to comes to the scheduling of their trains as soon as winter only slightly raises its head >_<
Fuck, I can't even remotely describe the anger I feel right now. I've been standing on this stupid track for ages. My fingers are freezing, my back hurts and I'm gonna be freaking late for work *hate*
I will never ever understand how these people manage to still hold their heads so damn high when they always fuck up like the dumbest idiots ever!

Only love for this morning goes to my iPhone that allows me to express my anger right away ^^
However I have to figure out how I can switch the spell check to english cause it's kinda irritating that it always wants to substitute my english words with german ones ;_;

Added after I got to work: They should take a group picture of the people responsible for the S-Bahn (city train) traffic around Stuttgart and print it in a dictionary. Under the word "Incompetence".

I know I sound pretty mean but if anyone had to put up with this shit daily they'd get annoyed pretty soon, too. It's not that it happens every day that trains don't traffic or are rescheduled to another track or don't commute at all. But it happens too often for my taste. And bad weather just isn't enough of an excuse, especially if the weather forecast told us days earlier how the weather's going to be. So everybody had plenty of time to take appropriate measure. And to me it seems as if the Deutsche Bahn just doesn't care. They're like "Oohh it's going to rain after days of ice cold weather. Aaww that means half our switches and signals are going to freeze.. too bad we can't control the weather".
Like D'UH!