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May 2016

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New art (orly? :D) and rzlbrmf >_>

Meh I wanted to post this yesterday but my router totally refused to cooperate and disconnected so that the picture wasn't uploaded. And I didn't even notice O_o

Anyhow. I finally achieved my main goal in World of Warcraft and am now the proud rider of a wonderful, awesome, cute, totally lovable NETHERDRAGON *squee* Because of what I liked to call "extreme questing" I absolutely neglected my fanartish stuff and so now I have a bunch of unfinished artworks rotting away on my harddrive.

Also Agent Pendergast has taken over my brain and I desperately need to draw fanart of him. But for some obscure reason I can't bring myself to start Pendergast art as long as I have so many WIPs on my computer.

And all this led to me now finishing the pix one by one. And this whole rant is actually totally superfluous but I'm bored and I'm too awake for bed so I'll rant away :D

First picture of the lot: It's Kathryn Janeway from Start Trek Voager. This may very well be the first time I did a real picture of her (I mean one where I don't just trace the outlines of some anime character and change their hairstyle a little O_o ). Strange, considering she used to be my favorite character for ages. I was completely obsessed with her.

Once again, click the thumbnail for bigger image.

OMG I want Pendergast chained up in my cellar and I want him to be my personal slave and I afds..gdfg *starts drooling madly on keyboard*

I painted a room tonight. No, I painted two rooms. And though I'm covered in paint now it was still fun *g*