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May 2016

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LOL YAI! Moar fangirling from me :D

Ok, just for the record: After madly obsessing over Lt. Col. Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis for nearly two years it was time to move on. That does of course not mean that Joe Flanigan is not still TEH SEXIEST MAN ALIVE OMFG *drool* and you can still all draw me beautiful shmexy Sheppy or Joe pictures :D But it's been ages since the last time I actually watched an entire episode of Stargate Atlantis and the show is over anyhow. So it was coming. And now I'm totally happy to announce new wonderful infatuation with absolutely brilliant character. OMG OLOLOL I just realized that other - less insane - people might make such a giddy post to announce their new boy- or girlfriend. But alas I'm completely messed in the head and I think I said everything that was to be said about the matter in my last post and I'm happy with my life as it is right now and now let me finally say what I came here to say:

Michi's newest obsession is Special Agent Pendergast from the novels by the amazing author team Preston/Child. And I LOVELOVELOVE LOOOOOOVVVEEEE him!!!! OMG OMG SOOOOO HAAAWWWTTT and cool and kickass and awesome and did I mention hot? :D :D :D And you all have to go and read the books now. And the reason so little of the movie "Relic" managed to remain in my memory was surely because they LEFT OUT PENDERGAST when they made the movie for the book!! WHATEVER WHERE THEY THINKING!!!!!!!

So far I've only read "Brimstone" but I already ordered three other books and after that I'll order the next bunch and I'll so need more time for reading!! Waaiii ^_^

Here's the scene from the first pages of Brimstome that made me go like "OMFG this guy rocks" (or at least my crappy recollection of it)

Stuck-up-police-chief: "He [the victim] was known for his perverse sexual tastes."
Pendergast: "As in what?"
Stuck-up-police-chief: "He liked both, men and women."
Pendergast: "And the perverse sexual tastes?"


Oh yeah and on a side note: I'll probably be the only person to come too late to Chrissi's party since I'm also the only person who must not - repeat MUST NOT - watch Germany vs. Argentina soccer match. Because we seem to suck whenever I actually watch a game or follow it online or show in any other way interest in the match ;_;